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Ever since the second pub in Prague was opened there has been pub-crawling, although most Czechs find a favorite spot and never leave. There is no better way to experience Czech beer than to crawl your way through the maze of twisted streets with the hopes of an even tastier pilsner to urge you on to the next pub. Below are three options. Feel free to change them as you see fit. Remember the crawls are planned with the hours of each pub in mind so it may be better to do them in order (pubs usually close at 11:00 while clubs are open until 4 or later).

The Kings Way Crawl follows the Kings Way from Prague Castle through Mala Strana across the Charles Bridge and in to the Old Town. This is an ambitious pub crawl with 9 pubs. You'll have to start early or move fast to finish this one.

The Classic Crawl is a Traditional Czech Pub only tour. All of the pubs on this tour are rated a full five mugs. There aren't many pubs included because once you sit down and taste the beer, you won't want to leave.

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